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Online coffee meeting with Lebo Grand

Book before Monday the 29th

If you're in South Africa and would prefer to make a direct bank deposit, you can use the following Banking details to make a deposit :

OG Lifestyle (Pty) Ltd

Acc no: 1055 184 015


Branch code: 198765

* Please email proof of payment to

Hey, what if you and I could meet over coffee and talk about things that you wish you could talk to me about [if you had a chance]. I know you face a lot in your life and I want to support you.

We can talk about your current relationship challenges, or about sensuality and stuff. I can help you dream a bit MORE and come alive in your own skin. You can ask me anything.

Let's have a 01:30min online coffee meeting. We can talk about anything. Are you in?


1 Booking R1400

1 Booking $75

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