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Becoming a dandy gentleman

I believe the highest achievement of a man is to be recognized as a gentleman by those around him, however, to be perceived as a dandy gentleman, in my opinion, is even better. Tailoring is so vital to a dandy gentleman because his clothes are an expression of himself. They convey to the world that he takes pride in his appearance.


The dandy man does not “dress down,” and that certainly does not imply that he is obligated to have his wardrobe filled up with bespoke suits. As a matter of fact, it is very important to also bear in mind that this particular breed of man does not overdress, over-accessorize, nor does he feel the need to pursue fashion trends simply to stay "in style."​

Recently, I met with an old friend at a coffee shop in Brooklyn, Pretoria. In our conversation she insisted that I was a dandy. Dandy?  That term has always conjured images of a type of man who is too self-absorbed. He is like a peacock, always dressed up outrageously because he is craving for attention; and that certainly wasn’t me.

History is full of peacocks, but that is the contrary of the modern day dandy. In fact, when a modern day dandy walks into a room, what catches your eye isn’t how loud his outfits are screaming at you “look at me”, but rather his rich understanding of colour and coordination of fabrics/textures and those interesting details that make a seamless dandy gentleman outfit. A dandy gentleman has a distinct sense of style highlighted by impeccable tailoring and attention to detail. He knows how to wear colourful clothes without looking like a peacock.


 In the modern world, a man who is very concerned with how he looks can be called a dandy.

I firmly believe any man can be a dandy gentleman if he wants to be, but it’s not a small undertaking. It’s a journey, something that a man continually strives to be, rather than a destination. In conclusion, being a dandy gentleman is more than just about the clothes you wear. Here are some of my own ideas of what a modern dandy gentleman should be like:

1.       He is never caught with unkempt hair or untrimmed or shaved beard

2.      He will not wear brightly coloured socks, no matter what GQ says he should do

3.      He has a signature scent

4.      He avoids negative people

5.      He never reads fiction

6.      He has a collection of erotic chill and luxury lounge music

7.      He always gives money to buskers, regardless of musical quality

8.     He prefers books to newspapers

9.      He listens more than talks

10.  He doesn't do flip-flops

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