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Kiss of life


"When I met Lebo Grand for the first time, I had no idea that this person would inspire me like he did. Lebo helped me

to improve my sensuality as a woman. 

Show me how deep love can be

Kiss of Life

Let me start by saying, I'm The Lover. This is not just my archetype, it's the essence of who I am--spirit, soul and body. Edgar Allen Poe wrote, "We loved with a love that was more than love." I feel like this truly describes my essence.


I'd been pondering the state of love relationships today. Many are okay, or satisfying at best. And that's the problem. Satisfaction means your relationship is functional. Functional is a nicer way of saying it sucks. Functional is boring. What if you could slip briskly into an intimacy from which you could never recover? 

Once you fully embrace your sensuality,
life becomes an adventure.

I'm in the rarified business of awakening my clients to their sensuality. They pay me to help them enter into a privileged world where the key to entry is no longer the functional, but the aesthetic, the decadent, the passionate. My brand is positioned as a gateway into the sensual world. So tell me, how does an everyday love affair sound like to you?


Lebo's work has improved my marriage so much that I'm enjoying it a lot right now. There has been so much romance that's keeping us together and it's not about sex but just that sensual feeling. The body heat, the candle lights... being away from home and knowing that your hubby misses your touch, scent, miss whispering sweet nothings... I love your work, Lebo!


If you were saying, "God, this 'sensual stuff' is always the 'hardest.' It is so ephemeral." Well, it is definitely not a dap of delight here. A touch there. But an entirely different way of thinking and living. I call it a sensual lifestyle. If you are done with the functional aspect of life, like most of my clients are, then you're ready for this, and I can't wait to work with you. 

I've been working with a small selection of clients in the last 1/12 years. The results have been extraordinary. Here's what you can expect from working with me for 3 months:

- Re-ignite your sensuality.


Moreover, I'm an extraordinary lover. A lover of life and of love.

  • Have you been disappointed too many times that you've completely lost faith in finding true love?
  • Do you want to shift energies that are blocking your from manifesting the extraordinary love you know you deserve?

  • Do you feel like a fading flower?

  • Do you want to get her mojo back or reclaim that lit up self you used to be or still hope to be?

  • Do you want to make a shift from being overlooked to being sought after?

  • Do you want to finally be treated like a queen?

  • Do you feel it's time to reclaim her true feminine aura?

  • Do you want to attract a new and high quality partner?

  • Do you want to manifest extraordinary love?

  • Do you want to bring passion and excitement back into your love life?

  • Have you been through a divorce and want to claim your delicious life back or attract a new high quality partner?

Do you find yourself settling for anyone that's available because you don't seem to attract the extraordinary kind of love your heart and soul desire? 

I want to help you remove those limiting beliefs and start allowing  the energy that will attract that deep and extraordinary love that your heart and soul are longing for. omen want to step up their game.


Lebo, you have elevated me beyond. I am looking forward to the next level. I got a quality man who treats me like the sensual queen I am. He's in awe of me. Thank you Mr. Grand.



Lebo! Just wanna thank you for unleashing the sensual side of me... Needless to say, my man is a happy man!



"Life is best when you are in love."

-Michael Moriarty

It's time for extraordinary love. No more settling for mediocre relationships. And manifesting extraordinary love has got nothing to do with men but your own energetic vibration.

If you're in a relationship, you can use this program to optimize your love life. You can raise the standard of passion in your relationship. If you're single, this program can help you align yourself with the love your heart and soul are yearning for and manifest it... with ease. 

First, I'm going to show you how deep love can be.


. not only believe in true love again but to manifest it. A lot of women are holding a negative energy that is blocking that deep and extraordinary love from manifesting in their lives. That's what I want

Let me start by saying this, I'm The Lover. This is not just my archetype, it's the essence of who I am--spirit, soul and body. Moreover, I'm an extraordinary lover. A lover of life and of love.

My calling and the most significant part of my work is to help women manifest extraordinary love. and live a juicy life by helping them discover and connect with their sensual side.


The struggle isn't required. Your desire and conviction is enough.

I hope you're doing fantastic today. I want to introduce you to my 3-Day Signature Coaching Program and explain in detail the value you can get out of it. Let me start by saying that this program is perfect for (but not limited to) any woman who:

  • Feels like a fading flower.

  • Wants to get her mojo back or reclaim that lit up self she used to be or still hopes to be.

  • Wants to make a shift from being just an ordinary woman to being a sensually empowered woman.

  • Wants to move from being overlooked to being sought after.

  • Wants to move from being treated like a plain Jane to being treated like a queen.

  • Feels it's time to reclaim her true feminine aura.

  • Feels it's time to reignite her sensuality so she can start being the goddess she knows she was born to be. 

  • Wants to live a turned on, sexy and orgasmic life.

  • Wants to attract a new and high quality partner.

  • Wants to have an intoxicating effect of her man, even if he's your prospective partner.

  • Wants to bring passion and excitement back into her life and into her relationship/marriage.

  • Has been through a divorce and wants to claim her delicious life back or self reinvent.

  • Wants to stand out among her peers/colleagues and become a woman that makes other women want to step up their game.

Manifest Extraordinary Love


Working with Lebo is like working with a GOD FAIRY COACH who understands his purpose. My life changed before I even had a session with him, that's how powerful his energy is.



In this coaching offering, I'll first take an in-depth look into where you are now and where you would like to be. I'll assess your dreams, hopes and desires. I'll dive deep into who YOU are and explore your personality and things that make you tick, and those that are holding you back from being that lit up sensual woman you know you can be.

The second thing I'll do is: from all that information I would have gathered from the above assessment (1st session), I'm going to create (together with you) a SELF DESIGN PLAN or blueprint that is tailor-made to suit your unique desires, passions, personality and new lifestyle aspirations. Think of me, in this case, like an interior designer that specializes in transforming ordinary (and sometimes dilapidated) houses into million dollar homes. By the way, even million dollar homes need an upgrade from time to time.


"You need to keep investing in your sensuality if you're to retain your desirability and vitality."

-Lebo Grand

Every detail that we've covered in the initial assessment will be well-considered and I will help you start building a SENSUAL BRAND that is true to who you are. After this, you should turn heads (if that's what you want). Bottom line is, YOUR EFFECT ON OTHERS, INCLUDING YOUR PARTNER, WILL BE MUCH STRONGER, which I suppose that's what you want. Just as a side note, I've been doing this for almost a decade. Moreover, as a women's sensuality catalyst, I have a pretty deep understanding of women's inherent needs and desires, and I'm also very curious to learn what I don't know.

Some women have asked me: "Will this be enough?" Well, the aim of this program is to give you TOOLS that are going to help you build a POWERFUL SENSUAL IDENTITY or PERSONAL BRAND. That's essentially what you're going to gain out of this program.

"A lot of women today come across as interchangeable commodities rather than as powerful brands because they have lost their mystery/sensuality."

-Quote from Sensual Lifestyle.

I will provide you with the foundation upon which you can continue to build the grandest IMAGE of yourself and live the lifestyle you've always dreamed of even long after our coaching sessions are over. The key thing for me is putting SOUL back into your life. The process and outcome are going to be organic rather than mechanical... because life is a soul experience.


With that said, I think it's also important that you should also realize that there are levels of sophistication that you're going to level up to as you go down this path of becoming a more sensually empowered woman. This means that you might at some point in the future need my support again. However, with the tools I would have already provided you with in this coaching program, you might not. 

Are you ready?

Work with me

Click in the link below if you want to join my 90-day Signature Coaching Program...

*Investment : $10 000 (US)

*Each session takes 1 hour

*Duration: 90 Days

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