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Meet a sterling Aesthete

There is no better word to describe this unique South African author, musician, women's desirability catalyst and sensual lifestyle connoisseur than a sterling aesthete. Born in Turfloop, Polokwane (South Africa), Lebo is an outgoing introvert who is sensitive to the world of sensuality (i.e. beauty, fashion, art, home decor, romance, music, food, travel, the art of seductive living & everyday glamour), and consumed by how this world can, if incorporated with true passion and deliberation, enrich our overall experience of life and contribute to our happiness...

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A Sensual Lifestyle, according to Lebo Grand is a lifestyle that embraces the full spectrum of what it means to be alive. It engages all of our senses and essentially feeds our soul.


Lebo strongly believes that feminine women in particular need to learn the art of consciously living a sensual lifestyle as it gives them what he coined as the desirability advantage. In essence, it empowers them to harness the power of their femininity and also allow them to live an enchanting life. Over the past few years, he spend an inordinate amount of his work time at the desk, with his laptop, busy writing Sensual Lifestyle, an intoxicating and gorgeous book in which he extensively explores sensuality in the world of food, fashion, home decor, music, love, sex, seduction, money, even spirituality.

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What is a Sensual Lifestyle?

Turning life into music 

Lebo Grand is a man who lives and breathes his brand everyday. He expends a great deal of time and energy in making sure that everything he does is congruent with his sensual lifestyle philosophy, and that includes his music. His lyrics are not explicit but always seem to paint a very seductive picture of an intricate, beautiful and passionate world of sensuality that his audience so inordinately covet...  

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