1. Introducing the New Luxury

In our current socio-economic context, luxury means different things to different people. For some, it’s the latest top-of-the-range Porche; for others, it’s going for a mani-pedi or massage once a month; for many, it’s having food on the table every single day.

However, there is a new reality that we are now entering into regarding luxury living, and here it is: The ability to live a sensual lifestyle is the new standard of luxury living. For those of you who are perhaps wondering what I mean when I talk about a sensual lifestyle, well here is a definition of it I coined to help you understand what this lifestyle is really about: a sensual lifestyle is a lifestyle that embraces the full spectrum of what it means to be alive.

As I get older, I try as much as possible to not only live a meaningful but more importantly a gorgeous life too. As Elise de Wolfe said, “I am going to make everything around me beautiful, that will be my life.” That is the same approach I have towards my own life as well. I am more committed to living the life I love.

In practical terms, this, to me, simply means creating more time to do the things that I really like such as redecorating my living area, planning another vacation, writing more engaging Blog posts, creating more soulful and luscious music in the studio, and doing more of the things that I enjoy doing with my time while delegating the rest that I don’t enjoy doing. This is not about having too much money as some of you may assume, but it’s about understanding the value of time, and how limited it is. People who wait for money often wait all their lives to achieve what they could have had if they had just simply took a leap of faith.


 “Our species in general had grown accustomed to pain and adversity through millenia of struggle.... We were only recently evolving the ability to let ourselves feel good and have things go well for any significant period of time.” - Gay Hendricks, The big leap

Think highly of yourself because life responds to you at the same level as your own estimate

There is something about freedom that a lot of people still don’t seem to get, which is the fact that it’s something that cannot be given on a silver platter. Anyone who has ever promised you freedom lied. Why? Well, because freedom is something that cannot be given, but you have to take it! And that is definitely the case with the new and luxury way of living. You can’t wait anymore for your dreams to come true, but you have to realize them on a daily basis. Don’t be accustomed to waiting, as many people are. Quit waiting for a miracle to happen. This life is for the brave. Moreover, you cannot become what you want by remaining what you are.

Living the new luxury lifestyle is going to challenge your old way of thinking and force you to create the life of your dreams without the use of credit card or getting yourself into debt. It is supposed to stretch your out of your comfort zone. As I said in Sensual Lifestyle, “The lifestyle that you say you want has a mandate to change you first.”  Moreover, you cannot live the life you want and deserve until you are ready to be brave enough to challenge the norms. Of course, you can hard work to try and make it happen like everyone else is doing, but bravery is the ultimate key you need to unlock the true beauty of life and the freedom you need to start creating the life that you really want.

In conclusion, freedom is essentially about having enough time and money to live your life before it all slips away. If you ask me, time is more crucial than money. So you should be striving daily to have more time to ‘live your life’ (to enjoy a cup of tea, to feel the texture of the clothes you are wearing, to take a long scented bath without any technological destructions of the modern life). No matter how hectic things get, guard and nourish your sensual soul. I often have to force myself to press the pause button on my daily schedules so that I can be able to reconnect with my sensual side or live the new luxury life.

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