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Work with me:

Ready to make necessary adjustments in your life in order to allow "Mr Right" to find you? Let's uncover and harness your unique feminine qualities as well as empower you to become an irresistible magnetic force to that special man you've been praying for all these time.

An intensive 4-hour one-on-one session with me:
> 1/4 Day Intensive (goes for 4 hours)
> This advisory-only consultation is designed to quickly and economically uncover the areas that you may need critical focus on and provide you with a personalized plan to significantly move towards achieving your goal.
Package A:
The 90-DAY Package has 2 Payment Options (B/C) to choose from:
Package B:
in Full
Payment Plan
R30,000 Deposit
+ 2 Payments of R15, 000
The 90-Day Package include:
> 1/4 Day Intensive (goes for 4 hours)
> 12 weeks x 1 hour phone sessions or meeting face-to-face once a week
> Direct access to Lebo via email and text 
Fill out the Form Below To Apply for a 90-Day Package:
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