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Something has been lost in a lot of women—something they can’t afford to lose (yes, in men too). It’s called the ‘first love’.


When I first started my ‘Sensual Lifestyle’ journey back in 2009, it was essentially because I was searching for my "first love." I didn't realize it at the time, but I had just been through two significant relationships that failed miserably. So I was at a point in my life where I was feeling lost. Once you lose your “first love”, you go through a dark period of some sort. Like what this guy said, "I date everyone these days – college students, women of my age, elder women, married women with no ethnicity, religious, class, age or any other bar. I am lost! I want love. That is what is missing."

Sometimes you just want to feel something, even if it's not love. "I was tired. I just wanted to curl up with someone, anyone, and sleep until work on Monday. I wanted to feel someone's, anyone's, hands on me, even if it was in that way I hate, the fingers all over my face and jaw" (Alexandra Kleeman).

The only thing that can cure a broken heart and soul, in my experience, is returning to your first love. By the way, when I say your ‘first love’ here, I’m not referring to the first person you ever fell in love with (sometimes that could be the case), but I'm referring to your lost sensuality. This is where you lot your emotional sanity; that purest emotional state when it comes to experiencing love. This is the healing most people talk about and are trying to find. Is it possible to get back to that state? Absolutely. And that's the reason why I'm introducing this program. My goal is to help you get back to your first love.

Most people think of healing only in terms of detachment from the situation they were in or person they were with before. But detachment does not heal nor lead you back to your first love. 

Prepare yourself for



Prepare yourself for


“Life is best when you are in love.” ~Michael Moriarty

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Has the space for what you want already filled with what you settled for instead?

Until you find your way back to your first love, you'll continue to struggle to move forward in your love life. You'll always end up in dead-end relationships no matter how hard you try to avoid them. Eventually, you'll be like most people who end up settling for anyone that's available. You'll spend your entire life trying to convince your mind about what your heart will never accept. Your heart knows when you've settled or given up on love. Until you fix that, any attempt to get into a long-term fulfilling relationship is futile. 

Unless it's mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it's a waste of your time. There are too many mediocre things in life. Love shouldn't be one of them.

“I felt I was drawing close to that age, that place in life, where you realize one day what you'd told yourself was a Zen detachment turns out to be naked fear. You'd had one serious love relationship in your life and it had ended in tragedy, and the tragedy had broken something inside you. But instead of trying to repair the broken place, or at least really stop and look at it, you skated and joked. You had friends, you were a decent citizen. You hurt no one. And your life was somehow just about half of what it could be.” ~Roland Merullo 

It’s time to DREAM AGAIN

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