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Mzansi women are raving about this show...

South African women are rhapsodizing about the Women's Pleasure show, which is set to provide an epic experience like no other. Escape the daily grind, ditch your boring lifestyle for just one night. Wear your best make up, slip into something sexy, and put on your sensual shoes on because this is going to be a night to remember! Don't wish you were there. Make your way to the show!

Please note that  all tickets/bookings are non-refundable

Women's Pleasure is a glamorous event that celebrates sensuality in women throughout South Africa. It was conceptualized by Lebo Grand, who thought it would be a good idea to combine his deep passion for sensual living, music, and his childhood obsession to see women getting in touch with their sensual side. This event is geared for the growth and evolution of particularly black woman in South Africa and brings her consciousness on to her sensuality. 

His ambition is to create and grow a culture of women who treat everyday like a special event, who primp themselves and wear killer outfits everyday to work. He feels women shouldn't be reserving their best look only for special occasions, like some families would reserve certain foods only for Sundays, but should approach each day like it's a special occasion.

“My role as a musician is more like that of a boudoir photographer. As it is the photographer’s job to create a safe, relaxed and ‘feel good’ atmosphere, it is my job also to create an ambiance that feels absolutely gorgeous through my music.” He explains. “A few ladies actually have told me that a male point of view on women’s pleasure is often more significant to them than a women’s point of view. It sounds strange, but this may perhaps explain why most of them prefer guys rather than ladies to do their hair in salons?”

Are you ready for an exquisite night out? Spoil yourself into a delightful, extravagant and intimate experience with Lebo Grand. This show is a great opportunity for every lady to reconnect with her sensual side. This is definitely going to be a gorgeous night intoxicated with such deep sensory pleasure like you've never had before. Escape the crazy or mundane world for a little while, lose your mind and find your soul.


Expect to have a good time while also resuscitating your mojo. And if you are a man, well we hope you are a modern man with a proclivity for a sensual life, for he is going to feel at home and get inspired too.


Lebo's first show kick-starts in Joburg this coming August, as we celebrate women's month. Seats are limited, so hurry and get your ticket before it's too late. You can get them here.

Date : 30 March 2017

Venue : Atterbury Theatre

Time : 8pm

Tickets : R180 - R220

Dress code: Elegant, sexy, classy

A "delight" at the Bridge


Woman's Pleasure at the Lynwood Bridge. Great venue for a night out” surrounded by a variety of pre and post theatre culinary delights as well.

We look forward to the show Lebo!

Me and my partner will be driving down from Sandton cause we simply just can't wait to be a part of this show. 

I love the theatre, comfortable seats with great lighting and sound. Again Lynnwood Bridge centre has many restaurant options for eating before a show.

We're going to make an outing out of this show. We'll have dinner before the show just to make the experience even more special

Great opportunity to escape the city for a few hours.

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