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Bespoke Mentorship

For a high-earning, successful and 

who is looking for 

powerful woman

"Mr Right"

Are you a new breed of women—the high-earning, highly educated, successful woman, entrepreneur, CEO, etc.? You worked hard, climbed the ladder of success and now you are the go to person at your corporate office, a successful entrepreneur or the CEO of your own company, however:


• You find yourself perpetually single? 

• You are constantly having misfires with men and are saying, "Lebo, I don't want to be a cliche. I want to be an exception to the rule. I don't want to be another successful woman without a love life." ?

• You don't know how to balance power with love?


• You secretly believe that femininity is a form or sign of weakness?

• You secretly believe that sensuality is for sluttish, low-class and/or ungodly women? 


• You are often quick to find something wrong with every man you meet to avoid the continuation of a deeper connection and loss of power?  

• You find yourself often disappointed by the lack of chemistry and connection with the men you meet?

• You are newly single or have been through a divorce that has left you questioning your self-worth and wondering if you are good enough?

• You feel romantically undesirable and yearn to be desired, wanted, chased after, appreciated, romanced, and to can't be lived without?

Work with me:

Feminine Mentorship

Why you need 

By a man

I've watched hundreds of videos on You-tube, been to live events and witnessed one-on-one sessions that were conducted by professional female coaches and mentors. Now please don't get me wrong, I totally respect the feminine view on men, but I feel that there is still a lack of a more accurate knowledge especially around the issues that have to do with how to attract a man as well as keep him. 


This is why I think you need feminine mentorship by a man: First, because you want to understand how a man's mind really works from a first-hand source. Getting advice from other women about how to attract men is good, but it is always better when you can hear the truth from the horses mouth, not that men are horses (lol). Now I always hear professional female coaches providing formulas when it comes to attracting men, but the truth of the matter is, you need more than formulas; you need a deep understanding of how the mind of a manespecially a quality manworks, and I'm here to help you crack that code.

The second reason why I think you need feminine mentorship by a man, or myself in this case, is because you want to eliminate the need to pressure yourself into thinking like a man. So many women are constantly trying to figure out what's going on in a man's mind. Why would you put yourself through that kind of mental torture when you have the actual man in your corner who can divulge all the information that you need to prep yourself mentally, emotionally and physically to attract the love of your life? 


Perhaps you've been saying to yourself, "I'm a very beautiful, intelligent, and good woman. Why can't I get a good man?" Well, this is why you need my help. As I'm sure you've noticed that I am a man myself, and proud to be one. This means you're going to get an honest and direct man-approach to resolving your issues. Secondly, I have a very deep understanding of the feminine world; let's call that my natural gift and divine calling, hence I'm a women's sensuality catalyst. So if you need someone to help you crack the psychology of the heart and emotional matrix behind the male-to-female attraction, then look no further. I know what attracts most quality men to a woman. Hence, believe me when I say you're going to need to do some serious work on yourself and also some planning if you want to get this right. 


"Most women think that love is going to happen without a plan, sometimes it does, but most of the time you need to groom yourself for it," said Monique Head. Of course, you can't just wait around for love to happen, otherwise you might find yourself waiting forever, but you've got to take initiative to make it happen! And I'm here to help you do the proper grooming so that you can avoid wasting years following the wrong formulas. I want to teach you the robes, so to say, so that you can best position yourself for that perfect partner when he shows upand trust me, he will.


Praying and hoping that that quality man will miraculously show up at your doorstep one sunny afternoon is not enough, you need to be a woman who takes initiative. And the best way you can take initiative at this point in time is to, first, let me help you discover the woman in you. There is so much potential that is still lying dormant within you right now which was meant to help you get whatever you want in lifeyes, including that man you've been praying for all these time. Moreover, you cannot uncover that potential all by yourself. You need a catalyst, preferably a male one in this case, to help bring that potential to the surface. Why a male catalyst? Well, because there is something very unique about a male perspective that you really need if you are to crack that mystery woman inside of you opened. 

You have more control over your love life than you realize

I know you might be feeling a little bit hopeless right now. You might be scared and constantly thinking to yourself, "This is it; it looks like I'm never going to find the 'One'".  Maybe you've been considering giving up on your desire for a lasting, fulfilling relationship with your dream partner. You feel like you've missed out on your chance to start a family and build a future with the love of your life.


However, regardless of your despondency, your soul is still holding on to the possibility of someday finding a man whose fingers will trace the freckles on your cheeks and send goosebumps down your back. Whose arms will hold you during the midnight fireworks on the 31st of December. Who'll call you at work to just say I miss you. Whose smile will make your head spin like you’re drunk. 


"But wait a minute!" You say. "I'm a high-earning woman, Lebo, and usually women in my position are not so lucky when it comes to finding such types of men." Well, if that's what you've been telling yourself all these time, I believe you owe it to yourself to try a new approach to attracting the kind of man that will absolutely adore the ground upon which you walk. Love doesn't favour the independent woman usually. And the biggest reason for this is because most high-achieving women's approach to finding the "One" is often the same as climbing the corporate ladder. This approach, unfortunately, often doesn't yield the results that they want. To attract the right man requires a set of values and mindset that is different from the one with which you may have built your career. And I'm here to instill that new mindset in you.

"It is not our task to seek for love, but merely seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have put up against it."


She remembered who

she was... a queen...

a goddess,

and the game changed

I've met a lot of women who told me they've been praying and waiting for the right man since their twenties, now they are in their forties and still waiting for the man to show up. Some have even come to the conclusion that perhaps it was not meant to happen for them. "You'll find him when you're not looking," are some of the cliches that are preventing women from taking control of their future. They keep them from discovering and tapping into their ability to manifest their desires because they encourage them to do nothing (except just pray) and expect results. But I'm here to help you breakthrough those barriers that have held you back from attracting your "Mr Right" into your life.

As we work together, you will acquire new knowledge and develop new skills that will support you in your quest. Remember, you were born to be the queen, and that means you innately possess the king-attracting qualities within you. But you need someone to help you fully harness those qualities so that you can be able to attract your king.

Empowering powerful women to become alluring Queens

Are you tired of being stuck in the life of being single and watching everyone around you falling in love except you? Do you want to learn how to attract and keep your "Mr Right?" I'm here to work with you. I will take you through a powerful 2-step process that will get you back in touch with the power house of your ultimate feminine potential. I have helped a lot of women awaken their passion and "Wow Factor", and attract the love of their life. Today I'm extending this invitation to you as well because I want to see your single days coming to an end.



If you truly want to learn how to attract a quality man, I'm here to work with you. What's really great about the experience of working with me is that you will have the full advantage of getting instant feedback from a first-hand masculine source. Imagine working with me as your mentor like having Michael Jordan as your personal coach, say if you were a basketball player. Why wouldn't you want to take advantage of that? I know I would!

You can be that woman that has the ability to ignite that extraordinary love that a lot of quality men are searching for. The magazine quality, super-star quality, celebrity style, HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR type of woman. The type that is charming, alluring, radiant, glowing, head-turning, dashing and vibrant. A woman who automatically lights up a room in her grand entrance. HER GRAND ENTRANCE captivates everyone in the room, leaves them speechless... under their breath they're saying "who is she?" or "I know... she must be special."

"It is not our task to seek for love, but merely seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have put up against it."


How do I know this will work for me?

Most coaches and mentors speak to the brain. Few are really intuitive enough to can connect with their clients on a level that allows them to awaken their true potential. For year I've worked with women and helped them to be the best version of themselves and tap into an energy that allows them to be more feminine and enchanting,

As you work with me through the process of reclaiming your true femininity and connect with your sensuality, you will see amazing real-life results...

From the very first week amazing things start to happen...

I met with Lebo for an intensive—in person—session. As we started speaking, it was like he was reading my life, touching areas that needed to be touched. He ignited in me the energy I hadn't felt in a while. He continued to work with me to help me elevate my life to a new, higher and most exciting place."

Itu Legoabe

Of all the women I have mentored, the ones who excel the most are willing to improve themselves the most. These women are constantly yearning to be a better version of themselves each and everyday. If you are willing to improve yourself like these women, then this mentorship program will definitely work for you.

In this 90-day mentorship program I'm going to help you construct your life in such a way that you will join a league of women who are in touch with their feminine side and able to attract the best relationships. Click in the link below and let's GET STARTED!

I will take you through a step-by-step process to develop High-Value Woman Habits that will transcend you to an extraordinary woman quality men are looking for. You will join a league of ladies who are in touch with their femininity and know how to attract the kind of relationships they want#this is your time!

There is no shortage of high quality men, you just have to be a certain type of a woman to be able to draw them.

There is no shortage of high quality men, you just have to be a certain type of a woman to be able to draw them.

There is no shortage of high quality men, you just have to be a certain type of a woman to be able to draw and keep them.

You don't have to give up power to be in love

Are you ready to attract "Mr Right"? I have worked with a lot of women who at some point in their lives used to feel undesirable or even 'power cursed.' Many of them were on the brink of completely giving up on finding the love of their lives. And how did I help these women to start magnetizing the right men into their lives? Well, their success came because they were now able to start resonating a new form of energy which they couldn't access before. And I want to teach you how to tap into this energy as well so that you can also start magnetizing quality men into your life.


Maybe you feel romantically undesirable right now or have been in a relationship or marriage that has left you not only heartbroken but also doubting your worth as a woman. Let me help you to realign with your true feminine power so that you can start becoming a more magnetic woman that quality men cannot resist. You don't even have to give up power to be in love, all you have to do is just learn how to connect more with your feminine energy.

This is your opportunity to learn how to tap into your feminine Power so that you can:

• Become the Queen you really are.

• Feel more alive and magnetic.
• Become super gorgeous and light up any room you walk into.

• Create an epic life that feeds your soul.
• Activate a level of juicy sexual vitality you've never experienced before.
• Attract high-quality dates, relationships or even an ideal partner to share life with. If you already have a partner, start taking your relationship to new heights.

• Manifest your desires.

In just 90 days you'll be transformed into a goddess; the kind most quality men dream of having a future with

Your time as a caterpillar has expired; your wings are ready.

In 90 days of working together, you'll be mentored to evolve as the best version of yourself. My private mentoring is personalizeda customized or bespoke approach that is specific in guidance to help you unleash that magnetic woman you were born to be. My unique strategy includes these "core two" areas of concentration: (1) Recognizing the values and habits that make you less attractive to quality men (2) Adopting new practices that will make you not only more attractive to quality men but also easier for them to approach you.

Today I'm opening up a limited number of private spaces—by invitation only—to work with elite women who want to learn how to tap into their feminine potential and open their lives to a world of new and unlimited possibilities. Get ready to start experiencing a new sense of clarity, bliss, reignited passion, freedom, self-love, balance, positivity, joy, desirability, and aliveness.

My unique ability to rekindle the sensual element in women has allowed me to work with so many high-achieving women who were starting to feel unlovable because they were too powerful or too educated. As a women's sensuality catalyst, I helped them bring back a good and highly necessary balance into their lives, which helped them create enough room to let love in and, consequently, attract the man of their dreams.

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