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Do you desire more in your relationship but have accepted that attention and intimacy fade over time, and it’s NORMAL?

Do you recognize any of these symptoms in your relationship?


You’ve been together with your partner for a number of years…

  •  Intimacy isn’t what it used to be. You’re having way less intimacy than you used to.


  • When you get sexually intimate, it’s always the same routine you’ve come to expect. Following the same steps every time.

  • Your partner rarely initiates. You’re the one often doing the initiation. Or maybe you are the one who never initiates.

  • You sometimes asks that he keep it short/quick.


  • It feels more and more like you’re doing him a favour instead of enjoying it as much as he does.


  • You secretly wish you were more *into it* like you used to be when you first began the relationship.


  •  Your “to-do list” is ever growing. And somehow intimacy is always the very last item on your list.

Any of this speaks to you?

Here’s the core problem…


You are bored with your love life.


Maybe you’ve been feeling as if there isn’t much either of you can do to change the situation.


Maybe you’ve tried to break the routine by going on a trip or arranging for a special date night here or there.

Maybe you’ve tried traditional methods of relationship saving, like marriage or pastoral counseling.


And that might have helped a little. But it wasn’t A Game Changer.

Do you feel as though you have tried everything to reboot your relationship but nothing works?

Are you ready to try a different approach?


I want to help you to turn your relationship into an everyday love affair.

I want to show you how to move your relationship or marriage from “okay,” “fine,” “not bad,” “alright” TO “ah-mazing,” “juicy,” "exciting," “unbelievable,” “incredible,” “soul-nourishing,” orgasmic.”

It's time to start having an intoxicating effect on your man and, inadvertently, bring him back in his A game of adoring and ravishing you.

Book your 4 coaching sessions with Lebo Grand Now. To do so, click on the link below:

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