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#The Book

This is a book that beguiles women who are inherently feminine and want to master the art of sensual living. It provides great inspiration and decadent advice to help such women start living an enchanting life.

Your dream life doesn't exist, you must create it

What's this book about?


We've all been in that place where we felt disconnected from our best selves. We've felt like a piece of us was dying a little bit every day and we just didn't know how to flip the switch, how to turn our lives back on.

If you are nodding and saying, "That's me," I want to tell you that the life your heart and soul have been yearning for is waiting for you to discover in this book. This is your moment. It's time for you to start living the most enchanting life you've ever imagined possible for you.

This book is packed with tips, tools and lots of inspiration that is aimed at not only awakening your soul from sleep but also helping you start living the juiciest life daily.

Who is this book for?

When I first decided to write this book, I had one person in mind. She has been feeling like a fading flower and slowly giving up on her desires all in the name of being grown up, or being a mother. For some of you, having a spouse has ruined your dreams. If you're at a point in your life where you feel like you'll give anything to close the gap between the life you've always dreamed of and the one that meets you every morning, this book was written for you. I want MORE for you.

I also wrote this book because it seemed like the best way to share with you the many life changing lessons I have learned throughout my life. These lessons have expanded my overall view and deepened my understanding of life. I do not consider myself by any means an expert on the art of sensual living. I am only an ardent student of this subject.

Imagine this:​ 

Feeling luscious and elegant....
Feeling good about yourself and

love life than you ever did before...

Feeling financially free enough to 

live the life that you want...
Feeling like a goddess ...

Feeling seductive...

Feeling whole...

This book talks to what the contemporary woman is preoccupied with: the quest for her true mojo, love, and an amazing lifestyle that daily supports the way she really longs to feel. Ladies, it's time to say goodbye to a dull and boring life and hello to an enchanting and soul-fulfilling life.



"My current favourite. Best read ever."

- Kefilwe Mabote (Stylist to the Elite)

SA Multi-Award Winning Style influencer

Stop existing &

start living!






approach and

recipe to sensual living

is that it's got to be very

practical. It's got to work 

in your kitchen, bedroom,

boardroom, business, relationships, and

most importantly,

in your heart."

- Lebo Grand


Your best life awaits...

"I'm hungry for a juicy life. I lean out my window at night and I can taste it out there, just waiting for me."

-Brigid Lowry

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