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Private Coaching

Are you a woman on a voyage of self-discovery? Restless? Are you struggling with this nagging sensation that something's off? Are you going there's got to be more to life than this? Is this how you've been feeling?...


- Have you been feeling like a fading flower?

- Have you been craving radiance, celebration and to feel gloriously special?

- Have you been craving to feel overwhelmingly desired rather than rationally considered?

- Have you been feeling like you've lost your mojo or want to reclaim that lit up self you used to be or still hope to be?


- Have you been thinking or consistently talking about self love?

- Have you been craving to live a more juicier, turned on and orgasmic life?


- Have you been predominantly operating in your masculine energy and now feel it's time to dial up your feminine energy?

- Have you been craving intimacy beyond sex?


- Have you been through a divorce or major breakup and feel you want to reclaim your life or self reinvent?


I met with Lebo for an intensive—in person—session. As we started speaking, it was like he was reading my life, touching areas that needed to be touched. He ignited in me the energy I hadn't felt in a while. He continued to work with me to help me elevate my life to a higher and most exciting place."



Professionalism, integrity and great ethics is how I describe Lebo Grand's work. His coaching methods are excellent and really work.


Who is this for?

This program is for any woman who has not yet developed the courage to live out her life more fully, enjoy more, experience more. 


“I refuse to live in the ordinary world as ordinary women, to enter into ordinary relationships. I want ecstasy." -Anais Nin

What you can expect out of working with me:


Lebo's work has improved my marriage so much that I'm enjoying it a lot right now. There has been so much romance that's keeping us together. The sensual feeling... the body heat, the candle lights, being away from home and knowing that your hubby misses your touch, scent, whispering sweet nothings into your ear. I love your work, Lebo!


I'm going to help you unlock your sensual world. The reason I'm a coach is first and foremost because I'm a dreamer. I only coach women who are like me, they have to be dreamers too. These are the kind of women who want to be “loved at the edge.”


I'm not a coach because I have something they don't have but because I have something they haven't let themselves go all the way with. Basically, I have the frequency they want. And this frequency is key to unlocking their sensual world. 


Let me tell you a secret, only the sensual life moves me. One of the reasons I wrote ‘Sensual Lifestyle’ is because, as Anaïs Nin said, “I only believe in intoxication, in ecstasy, and when ordinary life shackles me, I escape, one way or another.”

Do you feel like this too? Do you feel like you did not come into this world to live an ordinary life? Are you sick and tired of the mundane life that doesn't ignite your passion nor fulfill your soul's deepest longings? Are you ready for 'moreness' and elevation? If your answer is 'yes', I want to work with you. My goal is to help turn your life into a GRAND aesthetic adventure or what I also like to call an everyday love affair. You're a work of art. Not everyone gets that like I do. 

Why me?

Working with Lebo is like working with a GOD FAIRY COACH who understands his purpose. My life changed before I even had a session with him, that's how powerful his energy is.


It is generally assumed that women must work with women in order to build sensual feminine identity or whatever you want to call it. So why am I, a man, doing this kind of work? Firstly, it's because not every woman has the intrinsic knowing and understanding of the value of her sensuality, many don't even know that the world of sensuality exists.


Secondly, I have searched both on and offline but couldn't find anyone who is doing the work that I'm doing like I'm doing it.

Lastly and most importantly, a lot of people often have trouble saying exactly what it is they are a genius at. But I'm going to spell this out: I am an expert on the energy and frequency of sensuality. I have a deep understanding of the sensual world especially how it contributes to a woman's aura, mystery, and sensual feminine presence


Lebo! Just wanna thank you for unleashing the sensual side of me!


My mission is

One of the things I love hearing my clients say is, just when I thought this was it and there couldn’t possibly be anything else, a new level of  adventure arises, and it’s way better than the previous one. I'm a strong believer that life is supposed to be intoxicating.


My mission is to: 


- Help you to fully embody the sensual and intoxicating woman you are 


- Help make your company highly priced

- Help you stop worrying that you can’t be loved at the edge

-  Give a powerful, unique and fresh meaning to your feminine presence

- Help you tap into your soul's deepest desires


My journey with the Sensuality Master Coach Lebo started a couple of months ago. You know the quote by Rumi, ‘What you seek is seeking you.’ That is exactly what drew me to his coaching services, all the way from Nairobi.

I have no regrets whatsoever. If anything, I have gained more than I bargained for, in my journey to living a fulfilled sensual life.

You see, I was born in a family of many boys and raised by a very masculine dad. I studied in a highly male dominated discipline and ended up working in a blue chip company that demanded me to bring my masculine energy to the front.

Due to this, I have struggled over the years with my femininity and with creating a wonderful balance as a woman in a man’s world. I applaud Lebo’s method of coaching, peeling every single layer possible to determine just how bad my psyche had been ‘damaged’.

He is very intentional about causing positive shifts in my life, he has enabled me to change my beliefs about myself, my femininity and the power it holds. He has helped me to form a new mindset about myself, my life purpose and my life goals. Like I said, more than I bargained for. More than I paid for.

I feel comfortable and at home in my new energy, I feel alive and am already attracting the best out of life, and yet I am just getting started.

Thank you Lebo, for using your gift to serve us. And thank you for your patient and nurturing way of teaching.

Are you ready?

This is how it works:

# Email for application, ask any question you have.

# Receive the right payment link for you. Pay it.

# Gain access to my bespoke private coaching world. We will schedule our 1st appointment here.

Next step

Private Coaching with Lebo Grand Investment:

Pay in full for six months: $50k (USD)

Monthly Payment plan: $11.8k per month

Email for the application.

Before you go

If you’ve made it this far, then I am guessing you are wondering whether this could be right for you.


If you're an ordinary woman, which I'm almost sure you're not, you might find my work a bit elusive, yet to a woman who is on a quest for 'moreness', to a woman who wants to turn her life into a GRAND aesthetic adventure or an everyday love affair, she instinctively knows this is one of the most significant investments she’ll ever make in her entire life.

I don’t want to talk you into anything. This is a bit of an investment. But it is an investment that I know can transform your life in a way that's beyond anything you've ever imagined. This can help unleash that fire that's burning deep within your soul right now. 

Take a minute to get still. Sit up straight, close your eyes, and begin to breathe deeply...

Feel what it would feel like to have the support you desire… to unlock your sensual world. See yourself waking up each day feeling juicy, turned on, and living an orgasmic life. 

It’s normal to feel afraid. Feel afraid. And take the next step anyway.

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