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Meet a sterling aesthete,

Born in Turfloop, Polokwane (South Africa), Lebo Grand has always been fascinated by the world of beauty, art, romance, home decor, music, food, travel, spirituality and consumed by how this world can, if incorporated with true passion and deliberation, enrich our overall experience of life and contribute to our happiness.

epicurean, musician and women's

sensuality catalyst/coach & mentor

Lebo has built a brand that reflects true sophistication, exceptional depth, and mystical radiance, qualities which have beguiled many discerning women around the world and turned them into loyal fans. His brand promises an everyday love affair with life and is positioned as the gateway into the world of ecstasy. It's for women who want MORE and are not willing to settle for mediocrity in any way, shape or form.

His depth versus breadth approach has set him up as the go-to person for women who are looking for that extra edge to the next level in their quest for sensual feminine mastery. His clients include business owners, corporate executives, CEOs, media personalities, singles looking for a partner, women who feel stuck in lifeless relationships, women who've been through divorce and want to self reinvent and those that want to start living a turned on, lit up and orgasmic life.

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