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If you are serious about finding "Mr Right," you need to first realize that men aren't nearly as attracted by a woman's beauty as they are by her sensuality. So, ladies, YOUR SENSUALITY IS THE MAIN KEY TO YOUR NEXT RELATIONSHIP. It is the secret behind what makes you 'romantically' desirable and forms the basis upon which almost every man makes that ultimate decision to be fully committed. In essence, activating your sensuality is what's going to shift you from being skipped over to being sought after... ALMOST IMMEDIATELY!



Are you ready?

I met with Lebo for an intensive—in person—session. As we started speaking, it was like he was reading my life, touching areas that needed to be touched. He ignited in me the energy I hadn't felt in a while. He continued to work with me to help me elevate my life to a new, higher and most exciting place."

Itu Legoabe

Activate your 

# To reconnect with your inner spark and enhance your sense of aliveness.

# To feel beautiful and romantically desirable.

# To become truly sexy and classy in a way that makes other women want to step up their game.

# To transition from being skipped over to being sought after (yes, by quality men).

# To make a shift from your masculine to your feminine energy so that you can become more of the goddess you really are.

# To start feeling juiced up about the idea of falling and staying in love instead of seeing love as a losing game.

# To dramatically increase your confidence and self worth so you can become more powerful in your business and/or professional life.

# To feel lit up, turned on, and orgasmic everyday.

# To live the good life.

Prepare for your Next relationship

BOOK A 4-HOUR INTENSIVE SESSION WITH ME. We can do it on the phone or face-to-face, whatever suits you best. The 4-hour intensive session is designed to IGNITE the alluring, radiant, glowing, head-turning, dazzling, vibrant, feminine and sensual woman that's lying dormant within you right now, or whose potential has not yet been fully maximized.

But you're going to need the help and support of an expert. And, as a women's sensuality catalyst, I'm here to offer you the kind of help and support that you most likely won't get anywhere else. What makes me so special? Well, over the years I've immersed myself in the world of sensuality which, couple with a whole lot of personal experiences, has allowed me to excessively develop my intuitive knack as well as fine-tune my expertise when it comes to catapulting women into their highest feminine/sensual potential. My motto is : Your utmost desirability and aliveness is my number one priority.

Why do I need to activate my sensuality?

Your single and lonely days are coming to an end

Assuming you are currently single (or clearly in a dead-end relationship), I'm almost certain it's your deepest prayer to find that special someone...

# You can finally be truly ecstatic with.

# You can be affectionate with.

# You can laugh and talk with until 2am.

# You can explore the world with.

# You can build an empire with.

# You can genuinely regard as your soulmate and/or life partner.

# You can marry and grow old with.

... etc.

We all naturally want to share our lives with someone, preferably a partner who really understands the needs of our soul, mind and body. But before that can happen, something else needs to happen first, and it is called ATTRACTION. This is where activating your sensuality comes in. It is not enough to just pray about it, you also need to PREPARE and POSITION yourself for it, meaning BE PROACTIVE.

Work with me

I want to offer my best support to you. As we work together, I'm going to reveal to you the enormous potential that is lying dormant within you right now waiting for you to make a decision to ACTIVATE YOUR SENSUALITY. This will also, at an exponential rate, attract a partner that mirrors more of who you really are. Don't settle for less than you know you deserve, both in relationships and life...


The 4-hour intensive is Packaged at

R3 500 OR  $255.00

# Plus: you'll also have direct access to me via sms or email even after your session has been completed. This is just to ensure that you continue to get my full support whenever you reach out in need of my advice.

Click in the link below to book a session with me
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