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     The Sensual Worship Experience


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Journey with me into the world of divine ecstasy through music

Journey with me into the world of ecstasy through music

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The Sensual Lover Collection is for romanticism dreamers. Just as with a sensual collection of perfumes which you can wear for different occasions, there are songs on this album that set a perfect mood for a date night whether it’s your first of fourteenth date, there are songs that you can drive or enjoy a beautiful sunset to, there are those you can make deep and passionate love to. It’s a truly holistic sensual lover experience.

“My music is about creating dreams of ecstasy, which I also like to call dreams of romance,” Lebo says. “It’s no secret that everyone dreams of a perfect romance, and my overarching goal is to carve a sound experience that creates the context within which that dream can become a reality,” he adds.

This South African singer-songwriter and producer aims at setting the long lasting standard of sensual taste for tomorrow. He coined his genre of music Sensual Soul.

You are invited to come play with Lebo Grand in the sensual realm, prepare to slip into an intimacy from which you never want to recover.

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The Sensual Lover [Lingerie Collection] is a Sensual Lifestyle album. I want my legacy to be, he gave women permission to embrace and celebrate their sensuality. And that's what this album is essentially all about. It's about allowing women to enter into a privileged world where the key to entry is no longer the functional but the aesthetic, the decadent, the passionate.

Lingerie represents luxury and celebration. It evokes a sensuality in a woman. And that's what I want this album to symbolize. I want it to allow my listeners to tap into something luscious, intoxicating, and seductive. It's for all the romanticism dreamers out there, for those who desire to slip into an intimacy from which there is no recovery.

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