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Join me on Thursday, July 16 



Art of

The Art of Sensual Living


With Lebo Grand

Thursday, 06 August  17h00-19h30 (SA time)

Sensual  Living

Click in the link below to register:

 Ladies, you are invited to the juiciest and life-transforming masterclass 

Do you know what your sensuality is worth?

NEWS FLASH: A lot of women are now discovering what their sensuality is worth and, as a result, are no longer settling for “good enough”, “lukewarm”, “okay”, “fine”, “not bad”, alright relationships. They’ve “had it” with mediocre relationships!

Do you resonate?


If your answer is “yes”, I want to invite you to join me for a life-changing masterclass where I’ll be teaching about WHAT YOUR SENSUALITY IS WORTH. I’ll explore the truth about DESIRES and why you’re so scared of fully embracing them, why that fear is like poison, as well as how you can overcome it.

And then I’ll talk about how you can start cultivating a Spirit-GUIDED relationship with your DESIRES, find your EDGE, and exterminate ALL shame, religious guilt and fear of judgment.

Do you desire to live a PASSIONATE and JUICY life? We’ll cover that too. In addition to that, we’ll also explore what it means to be a sensual feminine woman in the 21st century.

The ultimate aim for this masterclass is to ACTIVATE NEW LEVELS OF FAITH in you as a sensual feminine woman so that you can shift from being just an ordinary woman to becoming the goddess you were meant to be. This masterclass is ONLY for women who speak like Anais Nin who said, “I refuse to live in the ordinary world as ordinary women, to enter into ordinary relationships. I want ecstasy." Without sensuality there can be no ecstasy. I pray the same prayer for you as I pray for myself: SPIRIT LEAD ME WHERE MY SENSUALITY IS WITHOUT BORDERS.

WARNING: You are about to step into NEW realms of faith, passion, desirability, ecstasy, rapture. You’re about to break boundaries, hone daring, overcome fear, cultivate Spirit-inspired outrageousness and nurture courage and LOVE... LOVE... LOVE.

Date: 06 August

Where: Zoom

Time: 17h00-19h30 (SA time) or 11h00-13h30 (US. Washington DC time)

Registration Fee: R650 (SA) or $40 (US)


Click in the link below to register:


Are you sick and tired of low quality men and relationships that do not fulfill you nor stimulate your desire to be a sensual woman? Are you longing to find a man who will desire and want you like no other woman in this world?

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