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It's not right - Lebo Grand
The passions of my youth - Lebo Grand
This time I am ready - Lebo Grand

Lebo Grand has built a sonic world that feels as sexy as it does surreal to inhabit. His synth-fueled music strikes the loudest at night during those moments where your desire to connect more with your sensual side is at its peak. It evokes as much danger as it does ecstasy. He coined his genre Sensual Soul, which contains elements of chill-out, lounge, house, rock, and RnB.

There is no doubt that Lebo is a maestro of sensual pleasure. Like a connoisseur, his attention to detail is unparalleled and his desire to get you outside your head and into your body is very apparent. Lebo's influences include Samantha James, Sade, Will Downing, Esthero, John Meyer, Robert Green.

Grand's new and long-awaited single entitled You are beautiful is finally out. It has been released this spring and legions of house lovers are lovin' it while djs are already spontaneously adding it to their primary playlist. 
This song is gorgeous, to say the least, and packed with a lot of sensuality. Featuring Simon Gavi on the lead guitar has also brought an amazing African vibe to it while still retaining its urban and seductive mood. 

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