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Welcome to a high-level sensual mentorship program


This coaching program is for you if you feel ready to upgrade to the next level in your sensual growth and expansion journey. Welcome to a high-level sensual mentorship container. 

  • Are you ready for MORE?

  • Are you ready to collapse all the limiting walls around your sensuality and expand your emotional capacity to enjoy life more?

  • Are you ready to build the foundation of a deep and lasting seduction?

  • Are you ready to harness the power of the mind, the body, and the spirit?

  • Are you ready to evoke feelings of desire, deep connection, and fulfill dreams of ecstasy?

  • Are you ready to create the ultimate sensual playground?

If your answer is 'yes' to any or all of the above questions, then this program is for you. 

This is a gateway into the world of ecstasy

Experience gained leads to higher standards...

See if you can relate to this...

You meet a guy and things are great at the beginning, as they always are. However, as time passes, things start to shift. Novelty wears off. Life kicks in. Somehow you realize that you've reached a plateau in your relationship and find yourself wishing you could curl back up in that moment before things changed. Your soul is yearning for MORE, naturally that would make you outgrow the relationship.

You find yourself craving a new energy, a new sense of aliveness. Your soul knows and keeps nagging you that there is MORE, that there are dreams of ecstasy that you came here to fulfill. I believe that God gives us hopes and dreams in a size that's too large, so we have something to grow into... and something to play into. So, are you ready to grow into something so big that it just blows your mind? If you've been feeling a fatigue so great that your body cries even in its sleep yearning for ecstasy, or a nagging sense of dissatisfaction with the status quo and not sure what to do to make it go away, this program is for you. There are so many people who feel stuck and many who have accepted that intimacy and passion fade with time, and it's normal. 

In this program you're going to learn that sensuality is the key to your limitless expansion. And that sensuality is such a big word and a big world, and my intention is that we will explore the limitlessness of it together. We are going to create something so deep, so passionate, so juicy, something that's going to capture your imagination and actualize it. Something that's going to open your heart and change your motivation from here on out. You're going to have something to always grow into and be plugged into a source from which every good DESIRE is birthed before it is actualized. This is an invitation to come play in the limitless.

When I do programs like these, some ladies often ask but what are we going to do exactly. They want step-by-step process outlined. Well, I'd rather not tell you because I don't want you to get in your head. Ultimately, this is a call to come play in the limitless.

I want you to invest in this program because you want MORE, and you know I can help you step into the next level where you're plugged into next level conversations that lead to next level expansions. 

Joining this program from your own decision-making power is actually the only way to ignite the process.

Are you ready for

90% Black.png

Where Sophistication meets Desire

If you feel ready for the most advanced conversations and transformation around unlocking your unlimited sensual expansion, this program is for you. 

Get ready to live a turned on, lit-up, and orgasmic life.

DSCF7259 (1)_edited.jpg

Sensuality is a juicy energy that you get to play with in this lifetime to live your absolute best life.
-Lebo Grand

Everything that happens in this program is about compounding your sensuality. We're going to blow the roof off any limits you may have so that you can finally be able to come play in the limitless.

*Note: To join this program you must be at a point where you are dialed in on your feminine energy.


Lebo, I just wanna thank you for unleashing the sensual side of me!


Professionalism, integrity and great ethics is how I describe Lebo Grand's work. His coaching methods are excellent and really work.


What's included

Professionalism, integrity and great ethics is how I describe Lebo Grand's work. His coaching methods are excellent and really work.Elisa

Your fully supported 12-week experience includes:

  • 12 weeks of one-on-one coaching (1 session per week, 1 hour per session)

  • Weekly email support between sessions

  • Customized weekly assignments & exercises

  • Sensual Lifestyle Meditation Audio Program (*Bonus)

Investment: $4999

or 3 payments of $1699


How do I join?

Professionalism, integrity and great ethics is how I describe Lebo Grand's work. His coaching methods are excellent and really work.

Are there refunds?

I open and close enrollment for my coaching clients so that I can be 100% devoted to you once we begin.  For this reason, the spots are precious as they cannot be re-filled once the program has begun.  For this reason, this program comes with a “no refund policy.” 

If you choose the payment plan option, please know that this is a good faith agreement and a courtesy, not a membership subscription, and you are responsible for fulfilling the full payment agreement. 

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