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Private Coaching & Mentoring for the sophisticated modern woman

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Hi, my name is Lebo Grand. My mission in life is to unlock and help expand the sensual world of the wonderful and sophisticated women I was called here to serve. My brand promises an everyday love affair with life and is positioned as the gateway into the world of ecstasy.


I love working with ladies who are romanticism dreamers on a constant quest for self-actualization and enlightenment. These are the kind of women who want to fully claim their desires. Now, I'm an artist before I'm a coach, and being an artist has given me a huge advantage in the work I do. Artists like to create, inspire, and provoke. As a women's sensuality catalyst, I not only understand the energetics of DESIRE but I also find great fulfillment in helping my clients tap into their deepest and most authentic expression of their sensuality. I have created a powerful three-level process that fully unleashes the true sensual potential of the women I work with. This three-level process is the main framework of the 12 Weeks of Sensual Activation.

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Level #1

Level #2

Level #3

Craft your grand
vision of love

Expand your sensual 
capacity for pleasure
and MORE

Lead with DESIRE by
playing in different 
sensual dimensions



Of ecstasy

My clients are passionate. And I'm not their coach because I have something they don't already have but because I have something they haven't let themselves go all the way with. I have a frequency they desire and want to calibrate to. And this frequency is the result of years of total devotion to the limitless expansion of my sensuality. 

The women I coach and mentor show up differently in their relationships and life. I love working with them because of their insatiable appetite for MORENESS. They reach out to me because they are looking for a high level container that can hold them as they unearth every desire and meet every juicy, mysterious, and decadent part of themselves. Plus, they have faith enough to leap without knowing exactly where they will land. 


Professionalism, integrity and great ethics is how I describe Lebo Grand's work. His coaching methods are excellent and really work.

You came here for Love beyond your wildest dreams. It’s time to activate your sensuality so that you can fully manifest it. Your soul is seeking fuller expression. Like a kid watching other kids having fun at an amusement park, your soul is dying to come play in the limitless. We are living in an ‘experience society’ and sensuality is the highest form of currency we rely upon to genuinely and deeply connect with each other. But our society has lost soul connection since we are unable to connect with our own sensuality as individuals. I often say there’s a fatigue so great that the body cries even in its sleep, yearning for ecstasy. The ecstasy I’m referring to here is about sensual connection—deep sensual connection. There’s a story of a lady who was reaching out for counseling. She said...


“We have been married for two years and five months. At the beginning he would make love to me, undress me and even took baths with me a couple of times. Suddenly it all stopped and he will not explain why. He refuses to talk about it. It got to a point where we would only make love about once a month or every two months. Now it has been seven months since he has even tried to be intimate with me. I do believe that he loves me. He tells me that and still hugs and kisses me but never goes any further. It's like he decided that it's just not worth it.”  


This is one example of what I mean when I say our society has lost soul connection. It’s also pretty clear to me that our bodies have lost the ability to feel sensual too. Note, I didn’t say sexual. The chemistry and neural connections that facilitate the sensations of desire, passion and romance have become dulled. The only solution to this is Sensual Activation.


But Sensual Activation is a voluptuous challenge to undertake all on your own. Why is that? 


Well, Einstein said we cannot solve a problem with the same thinking (I say with the same emotional imprint) we used when we created it. The biggest challenge here is accessing parts of yourself that already feel CERTAIN of what the outcome or solution you’re looking for FEELS like.


Almost every woman needs an awakened masculine sensual figure in her life to support her in the process of fully developing her true feminine sensual identity.
-Lebo Grand

The reason why it is highly necessary to have someone to calibrate to like a coach or mentor who is in their authentic masculine sensuality is primarily because there are parts of you that you don't feel certain about, yet. Maybe you don’t feel certain about how you feel about being sensual. There are parts of you that don’t feel safe to fully connect or confident to fully own your sensual side, yet, maybe because you fear social ridicule, religious battering, or the idea of being sensual is simply too ambiguous. 


You need someone who can help you see what needs to be released, what old energies need to be cleared, and what new programming needs to be installed into the nervous system. The point is, as an awakened masculine sensual figure and a coach that women have been calibrating their feminine sensual energy to for over a decade, there’s a great advantage in us working together, not to mention adventure... all of which is in a professional setting of course. 


It is generally assumed that women must work with women in order to build feminine identity. But as an awakened masculine sensual man, I have an energetic imprint that conveys a totally new way of BEING that the feminine woman today needs in order to actualize ALL her feminine desires, both known and unknown to her. I’m a well-grounded masculine sensual force to calibrate to. And almost every woman needs an awakened masculine sensual figure in her life to support her in the process of fully developing her true feminine sensual identity. Because not every woman has the intrinsic knowing and understanding of the chemistry that facilitate the sensations of desire, passion and romance. 

Come play in the limitless


The story of a sophisticated 
modern sensual woman:

The world
is her

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Sensuality is a medium of exchange that you get to play with in this lifetime to bring your vision of love and dreams of ecstasy into reality.
-Lebo Grand

The 12 Weeks of Sensual Activation program is meant to help you create your own playground where sensuality informs how you live, move and inspire the love that’s beyond your wildest dreams. Where life is an everyday adventure rather than a daily grind. Where you’re EXCITED to build and to grow daily. Where you can claim that lit-up self that you used to be or silently still yearn to become. Where you can express your intimate, secret desires that are burning a hole in your heart, in alignment with your body and deep sensual pulse. Get ready to receive MORE deeply and more fully with love and pleasure.


This program is an investment into the discovery and development of your true sensual identity. It was designed to help you:


  • Craft your grand vision of Love.

  • Expand your sensual capacity for pleasure and MORE.

  • Lead with DESIRE by playing in different sensual dimensions.


We are so much more than 'normal.'
We are sensual and sophisticated.

The women that come into my world are on a voyage of self-discovery. They are restless and relentless, because they inherently know there's MORE. In the work we do, I support them to develop more courage to live out their life more fully, enjoy more, experience more. And also to dissolve boundaries that are hindering their full sensual expression. 


Are you ready to:
Neutralize guilt and shame for wanting MORE.

Claim that lit-up self you used to be or silently still yearn to become.

- I
ncrease your sensual capacity to enjoy life.

- Open a deep well of ecstasy and fully tap into an unlimited experience of pleasure in your soul and body.

- Lead with DESIRE.

- P
lay in different sensual dimensions.


*Together we are going to co-create significant shifts that are going to unleash your unlimited sensual potential. This is going to be so juicy, I can't wait!

Let's do this!

12 Weeks of 

Sensual Activation

12 Weeks of Sensual Activation - gold.png

Your fully supported 12-week experience includes:

  • 12 weeks of one-on-one coaching

  • Email support between sessions

  • Customized weekly assignments & accountability


12 weeks coaching investment: Full payment is $2k  (Payment plan: First month $1.2k + $500 monthly thereafter). 

The monthly payment begins 30 days after the deposit. The deposit takes care of the first month.

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