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Private Coaching & Mentoring

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Hi, my name is Lebo Grand. And my mission is to unlock the sensual world of my clients. My brand promises an everyday love affair with life and is positioned as the gateway into the world of ecstasy.

The essence of my work is about helping my clients to be overwhelmingly desired rather than rationally considered. I help them to get more in touch with their sensual side.

I help women to be overwhelmingly desired so that they can not only feel turned on in their skin but naturally evoke love.

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When I met with Lebo in person for our first mentoring session, it was like he was reading my life, touching areas that needed to be touched. He has significantly helped me elevate my life to a higher and more exciting place."

I'm an artist before I'm a mentor, and being an artist has given me a huge advantage in the work I do. Artists like to create, inspire, and provoke. I excel as a women's sensuality catalyst because I not only understand the energetics of DESIRE but I can also help my clients tap into their deepest and most authentic expression of their sensuality. I can help them to be overwhelmingly desired.
My clients are passionate. They want to live a turned on, lit up, and orgasmic life. 

Now I'm not a mentor because I have something they don't already have but because I have something they haven't let themselves go all the way with. I have a frequency they desire and want to calibrate to. And this frequency is the result of years of total devotion to the limitless expansion of my sensuality. 

My clients pay me for an EXPERIENCE, a very rare to find 'experience.' To borrow the words of one highly paid escort who said, "My clients don't pay me for sex. They pay me for an experience. I'm in the rarified business of making the dreams of the world's biggest dreamers come true."

Of course I'm not in the escort business (lol). In fact, I'd like to believe that what I offer is way better. I help my clients crack their sensual code, which allows them to go beyond the 
predictable 'knowing' they have become accustomed to and learn how to play in the limitless. It's beyond exciting. It's orgasmic!

The women I mentor show up differently in their relationship(s) and life. They are driven by something bigger than just mere love. They are driven by dreams of ecstasy.

I love working with these wonderful women because of their passion and insatiable appetite for MORENESS. They reach out to me because they are looking for a high level container that can hold them as they unearth every desire and meet every juicy, mysterious, and decadent part of themselves. And they have faith enough to leap without knowing exactly where they will land. 

Are you my ideal client?

My clients don't pay me for sex. They pay me for an experience. I'm in the rarified business of making the dreams of the world's biggest dreamers come true.

My ideal client is a woman who is first and foremost on a voyage of self-discovery. She is restless and relentless, because she knows there's MORE. 

She is not the kind of woman who starts claiming her sensuality at the lowest point but rather at the highest point in her life. She doesn't NEED to work with me, she DESIRES to. She is already exceptional in her femininity and wants to play beyond exceptional. 

She yearns to develop more courage to live out her life more fully, enjoy more, experience more. She desires to break boundaries that are hindering her full sensual expression. She wants to experience MORE depth in her relationship with life and love. Now tell me...


Are you at a point in your life where you:



Want to experience MORE aliveness?

- Want to live a juicier, turned on, and orgasmic life?

- Want to open a deep well of ecstasy and fully tap into an unlimited experience of pleasure in your soul and body?

- Want to be overwhelmingly desired?

If your answer is 'yes' to any or all of the above questions, I desire to work with you. Together we are going to co-create significant shifts that are going to unleash your unlimited sensual potential. This is going to be so juicy! I can't wait!

When you sign up to work with me you receive:

  • Weekly 01h00 minutes of one-on-one call with me.


  • Bespoke VIP support to expand your growth experience.

  • Sensual empowerment resources to make your journey more juicy. 

Are you ready?


Private Coaching/Mentoring with Lebo Grand Investment:

First Option: 90 minutes (once off) coaching for R1200. Want it in US Dollars? click here.

Second Option: 3 month coaching investment: Full payment is R55 000 (Payment plan: First month R35k + R12k monthly thereafter). Want it in US Dollars? click here.

Third Option: 6 month coaching investment: Full payment is R110 000 (Payment plan: First month R60k + R12k monthly thereafter). Want it in US Dollars? click here.

The monthly payment begins 30 days after the deposit. The deposit takes care of the first month.

Email with any questions.

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