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Women's sensuality catalyst

Lebo Grand

I'm on a mission to catapulting women into reaching their greatest potential. My goal is to help them discover and reconnect with their sensual/feminine side.

Sensuality affects every area of your life (i.e. your relationship(s), finances, success, desires, emotions, self-esteem, confidence, physical senses, physical well-being, desirability, even your spirituality. That is why I'm taking a stand for you to learn how to reclaim and reconnect with your sensual energy.

We asked Lebo what made him to decide to follow this path of opening a consultancy. "Well, I began seriously considering this in the middle of 2015 after a certain woman whose life was careening out of control reached out to me. “To watch a woman who was not succeeding in her own personal life, in her business life, and after working with me - and it’s not an overnight process - seeing the shift and the change was just really rewarding,” he says. "I then said to myself, 'This is something that is too strong to ignore.' That's how I got started. I have such an inundating passion to help women achieve greatness both in their personal and business life. And this entire process starts with sharing my knowledge of why sensuality is too important to not think about for even one second."

Lebo believes that sensuality is instrumental to developing the confidence for personal and professional success. 

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