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Make your vision of love come to life


This is for you if:

  •  You feel stuck, numb, or have checked out of your lifeless marriage or relationship. 


  • You have gone through a divorce or separation and want to self-reinvent.

  • You're single and feel ready for your next relationship.

  • You feel like a fading flower.

  • You feel rationally considered rather than overwhelmingly desired.

  • You feel ready for your essence to be seen at a whole new level.


  • You feel a manic desire to be "The best at love."

  • You desire to fulfill your romantic dreams.



Hi, my name is Lebo Grand. And I'm The Lover. The Lover is the archetype of feeling, emotion, idealism, and sensuality. I was born with an incredible appetite to love and passionate need to give it. My brand promises an everyday love affair with life and is positioned as the gateway into the world of ecstasy.

There are so many different forms of love today. What's your Signature Love? This is more like your love language. It is the type of love that really turns you on and brings your soul to life. You need to be clear about your Vision of Love from this perspective, whatever turns your soul on is what your soul needs to thrive. Mine is turned on by sensual love, which is why I regard that as my Signature Love.

"Modern love comes in many forms. And if we don't talk about which form we want, we're left to assume that we want the same things."
Esther Perel

The reason you're here is most likely that you want to reclaim not only your life but your power to experience love. You want to experience that deep unless-it's-mad-passionate-extraordinary-love-it's-a-waste-of-your-time type of love. We all know there are too many mediocre things in life. Love shouldn't be one of them. 

Your life is about to start looking and feeling different in the juiciest way you can imagine. You are about to experience a shock in seeing how you can actually succeed at making your Vision of Love come to life! 

Let's fall in love


Lebo's work has improved my marriage so much that I'm enjoying it a lot right now. There has been so much romance that's keeping us together. The sensual feeling... the body heat, the candle lights, being away from home and knowing that my hubby misses my touch and scent. I love your work, Lebo!

"Life is best when we are in love."
Michael Moriarty

There's lots of love to experience and we're going to work together to harness it... starting with self love. I know there's a deep longing inside of you that you could never trade for anything in the worlda house, holiday, millions of dollars. Remember the last time you were absolutely, besottedly, head over heels, madly in love with someone? Nicole May commented on social media, "I remember this feeling, and I want it back." I know you want it back too. You are ready to shift your standards, boundaries, and view of love to the next level.

Show me how deep love can be

There are three stages of love that almost all of us are going to go through at some point in our life journey, you’re probably at one of these stages right now.


Professionalism, integrity and great ethics is how I describe Lebo Grand's work. His coaching methods are excellent and really work.

Stage 1: You are NOT feeling alive in your own skin

You may be feeling numb and probably going through the motions. Maybe you are tired of not feeling seen, romantically desired, or loved all the way through. This is where most people are. You probably have or are currently going through a divorce or major breakup or have separated from someone you love(d) no matter how long ago it's been. You may still be feeling a bit lost right now, ashamed, angry, disappointed, or utterly hopeless about your love life.


You want to feel the rapture of being alive. Who doesn’t? You long to feel excited about little things such as a change of season, the sound of the ocean, watching the sunset, the smell of rain and starry nights—things that are normally more beautiful when one has someone special to share that experience with. Somehow you know that love is the only cure, but not just any ordinary kind of love.


I just wanna feel something, I just want to feel
Something really real, so that I can really
Feel like a person again...
I don't wanna die, but I don't want to feel like this

Stage 2: You’re taking the initiative to transform your life

This is where clients usually reach out to me. Some of the work we get into include:


  • Trauma healing [from a trauma-informed, body-first perspective].

  • Evoking the adolescent spirit of a first love. 

  • Creating a new and exciting Vision of Love. This marks the birth of your Signature Love.

  • Start the process of conditioning your body and mind to align with your newly discovered Signature Love.

  • Keep watering and nurturing seeds of future victory.

Some of my gorgeous clients start noticing their energy and life shift after a few coaching sessions, others notice the shift after a couple of months. One client was so excited with her transformation five months into our working together that she sent me the following selfie with a text message...

Life is best when we are in love. What we are all seeking is an experience of being alive, and that experience is most assured when we are in love.

A song that resembles the vibe of someone who is at stage one is 
Bea Miller: Feel something 


A song that resembles the vibe of someone who is at stage two is Finally I feel alive, written by Dustin Wise, Jesse Proctor, Nathan Horst

Finally I feel alive
Heart on fire in my chest
Feel the wild rush
I can see a world awake again
Finally I feel alive 

It's time for every cell in your body to come alive. Evoke the adolescent spirit of a first love.

Stage 3: Your vision of love comes alive. I call this stage the deep ecstasy stage

Here you are traveling along the new route. You have become familiar with the new You that if you spot one of the “off ramps” you used to take all the time, now you just speed past them—in fact, they’re actually difficult to take. Your Vision of Love is clear. You have given it all the sensory vividness of reality and the blessing which belongs to the objective world. You do not have to aid its birth any more than you have to aid the birth of a child or a seed you plant in the ground. Your body knows exactly what to do, exactly how to move, in order to receive your desires.

Your Vision of Love is transpiring naturally because the seed you have planted contains within itself all the power necessary for self-expression. So now it is expressing itself. It’s coming alive. And you are receiving your desires, it’s inevitable.

A s
ong that resembles the vibe of someone who is at stage three is Cherish the day, by Sade.

I invite you to join me and make this song about your Vision of Love. Sing this with an attitude of seduction to your VOL (Vision of Love) as if it was a person:

You're ruling the way that I move (Vision of Love)
And I breathe your air
You only can rescue me 
(Vision of Love)

You show me how deep love can be
You show me how deep love can be



Note: The support resources you

get when you work with me are ONLY

available when you select the 3 or 6

month investment Option.

Get the biggest & juiciest breakthrough in your love life!

When you sign up to work with me you receive:

  • Weekly upto 01h00 max minutes of one-on-one call with me.

  • Personalized support.

  • More access to me on a regular basis. You can plug in as you need to. 


  • Resources to help make your Vision of Love come to life.

  • Meditation to clear your mind and make you feel in tune with your soul and body.

Are you ready?

Signature Love is the secret to accessing the juiciest version of YOU and bringing that into your life, particularly your love life. 


Let's close our eyes and make our own paradise


Private Coaching/Mentoring with Lebo Grand Investment:

First Option: 90 minutes (once off) coaching for R1200. Want it in US Dollars? click here.

Second Option: 3 month coaching investment: Full payment is R55 000 (Payment plan: First month R35k + R12k monthly thereafter). Want it in US Dollars? click here.

Third Option: 6 month coaching investment: Full payment is R110 000 (Payment plan: First month R60k + R12k monthly thereafter). Want it in US Dollars? click here.

The monthly payment begins 30 days after the deposit. The deposit takes care of the first month.

Email with any questions.

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