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Unleash your sensuality and fall crazy in love

Babe, can you please hand me that towel...

  • Have you been in your season of singleness for a while and are now ready for love?

  • Do you feel like love is hiding from you no matter how hard you look for it?

  • Are you having trouble holding on to relationships or attracting the right caliber of men?

Deep down inside all of us want that deep, passionate, and extraordinary love. Some call it that 90's R&B kind of love.

Get ready to:

  • Get back your lost feminine touch

  • Get back in touch with your sensuality

  • Inspire deep love, provider instinct, and totally unfuckwithable commitment in a man like it's his first time falling in love.

“i can remember this feeling and i want it back.”

- Nicole May -

Dry Plants

"Life is best when

we are in Love."


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unleash your sensuality


Starting From

This program focuses on the power of having a clear strategy and leveraging your greatest asset, your sensuality.

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” - Scott Adams

- Scott Adams -

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We take pride in sourcing the finest materials from across the globe, ensuring that every stroke, every color, and every creation is infused with quality and passion.


Welcome to My Site

Modern dating is a mess and can be tough to navigate. These are hard times for love seekers. But they don't have to be anymore.

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