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Sensuality is a juicy energy that you get to play with in this lifetime to live your absolute best life.
-Lebo Grand

Have you been asking yourself: why is it so easy for someone to live without me?

Are you ready to can't be lived without?

I usually say relationships fail not because we have stopped loving but primarily because we have stopped living seductively. In this life-changing and juicy coaching program I'm going to show you how to build the foundation of a deep and lasting seduction.

At a party, you see a woman across the room with a charisma that is out of this world. On the street, you notice a woman walking towards you with a stride that leaves you in awe and wondering—how does she do that?

Although you can’t put your finger on it, there’s just something magnetic about her. She’s poised, present, sexually assured, confident in her own skin. What do both of these women have in common?

They both, whether consciously or unconsciously, have activated their sensuality. And that's the secret behind their magnetism. Such women can't be lived without. Because they know where their mystery lies and how to preserve it. 

The mystery of a woman lies in her sensuality


When all your mystery has been squeezed out of you, whether you realize it or not, you've got nothing special left to offer or entice with. No promise of ecstasy. You become an ordinary woman. Think about this, most relationships start off great. You have his attention, he cares about making you happy, he cares about how you feel and you feel like you’ve found ‘The One.’ However, as time passes, things start to shift. Novelty wears off. This is because you haven't learned how to preserve your mystery like a chef who cannot reveal the secret to his best recipes. Remember, if you lose your mystery, you lose all your pizazz and enchantment. Hence it's easy to be taken for granted and, yes, be lived without. Men grow bored with you and then eventually neglect or discard you.  

You know that feeling all too well. It's time to put an end to the 'ordinary woman' treatment. You're a queen, a goddess, and you should be treated as such. Are you ready to have an intoxicating effect on your man whether he's your current or prospective partner? With the right understanding of how your sensuality works, you can make him love you [and he'll thank you for it because through you he's able to have the most fulfilling experience of his entire life]. You can make it so he can't live without you.

It's time to turn on your magnetism and tap into your inner mystery so that you're no longer a woman who is rationally considered but rather overwhelmingly desired. There is a seductress hiding inside of you, it's time to call her out to play. She's been bored for a while, and I think you know that to be true as well. In the 12 Weeks of Sensual Activation we're going to liberate and set her soul on fire. We're going to create a NEW playground where sensuality informs how you live, love, and subjugate hearts and stir souls.

How do you know if this is for you?

  • If you're ready to reclaim that lit-up, turned on, and orgasmic self you used to be or silently still yearn to become.

  • If you're ready to shift from being rationally considered to being overwhelmingly desired.

  • If you're ready to live out your life more fully, enjoy more, experience more.

  • If you're ready to open a deep well of ecstasy and fully tap into your unlimited seduction power.

  • If you're ready to have an intoxicating effect on men (and women).

  • If you're ready to come play in the limitless.

  • If you're ready to be magnetic and to can't be lived without.

Professionalism, integrity and great ethics is how I describe Lebo Grand's work. His coaching methods are excellent and really work.


The women I coach and mentor show up differently in their relationships and life. I enjoy working with them because of their insatiable appetite for MORENESS. They reach out to me because they are looking for a high level container that can hold them as they unearth their deepest desires and become the juiciest version of themselves. Plus, they have faith enough to leap without knowing exactly where they will land. 

Are you ready to activate your sensuality?


Where Sophistication meets Desire

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Lebo, I just wanna thank you for unleashing the sensual side of me!

When you join the 12 Weeks of Sensual Activation you will be supported in becoming the juiciest, most irresistible and intoxicating version of yourself. Your life is going to turn into an everyday love affair. 

Who am I?


What's included

Professionalism, integrity and great ethics is how I describe Lebo Grand's work. His coaching methods are excellent and really work.Elisa

Your fully supported 12-week experience includes:

  • 12 weeks of one-on-one coaching (1 session per week, 1 hour per session)

  • Weekly email support between sessions

  • Customized weekly assignments & exercises

  • Sensual Lifestyle Meditation Audio Program (*Bonus)

Investment: $4999

or 3 payments of $1699


How do I join?

Professionalism, integrity and great ethics is how I describe Lebo Grand's work. His coaching methods are excellent and really work.

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The New Sensual You

The 12 Weeks of Sensual Activation promises an everyday love affair. Your life is about to get juicier as you become adept at overcoming the constraints of daily life and enter into a privileged where the key to entry is no longer the functional but the aesthetic, the decadent, the passionate. This is a lifetime opportunity for you to embody the luscious and seductive qualities of the woman who has the ability to inspire that deep, passionate, and extraordinary love in a man.

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